Winter Meetings 2021-22.


Thursday 14th October 7.30pm

 "What have Volcanoes ever done for us?" A look at the fascinating subject of volcanoes and the role they have played in the history of the earth by Chris Freeman.


Thursday 11th November 7.30pm  

"Scottish Wildlife" by award winning wildlife photographer by Mick Durham


Thursday 9th December 7.30pm

As there is no Jacobs Join this year, please make sure you have a glass of wine or beer with some nibbles, to listen to:

 "Green Recovery" Morecambe Bay Woodlands Project by Claire Harris.


The Committee has canvassed the membership and has decided that the first 2 meetings of 2022 will be via zoom (13th January, 10th February) and the last 2 will be at the WI, subject to any changes to Govt guidelines, (10th March and the AGM on the 14th April) both starting at 7.30pm.


Zoom Meetings

If you have already signed up for the zoom meetings, which have taken place in October, November and December, you do not need to do anything as Steve Benner will extend the programme dates.

If you have not signed up then please contact the society on the usual email address ( and we will send you the link to register.


Thursday 13th January 7.30 pm

 Developing a wildlife Garden by Alison McLeod

 20 years of mothing in the AONB by Brian Hancock

 Two 30 minutes talks.


Thursday 10th February 7.30pm

Bat detectors :Listening in to the wonderful world of Bats by Gail Armstrong.


Indoor Meetings at the WI

We are proposing holding the March and April meetings indoor at the WI, the present restrictions are maximum 75 , windows open to allow ventilation, face mask required.

However this could all change in the next few months, but we have a committee meeting on the 21st February when we will consider the up to date position and advise you all shortly after the meeting.

Based on the present guidelines we have arranged the following meetings at the WI.


Thursday 10th March 7.30pm


"Arctic Archipelagos" (Loften and Svalbard)  by John Webb.


Thursday 14th April 7.30pm

 AGM followed by the Recorders reports (more details to follow).



If you have not used zoom before you will need to install the zoom application on your laptop, pc or smart phone.

 A reminder will be sent to you just prior to the meeting with the id number and passcode just in case you cannot find it. 

 The committee are very grateful once again to Steve Benner for allowing us all to use his zoom account to host the talks.

 I do hope you are able to join us for a variety of talks.